Users activity on Google+. Big Tree. Gource.

Users activity on Google+. Big Tree. Gource.

I used logs the users:

  1. Linda Lawrey (
  2. Chris Pirillo (
  3. Brad Chasenore (
  4. Matt Mastracci (

Tree builded based on the following principles:

  • root / year / month / day / author / postId / type action / action.
    • type action โ€” comment, re-post, plus, share.
    • action โ€” userId.type action.
  • General concepts:
    • Members google plus - a bee.
    • Points (posts, comments and more) - elements of cells, points of different colors.
  • Types of points:
    • Emerald - a post.
    • Green - no comments.
    • Blue - plus.
    • Lime - repost.
    • and so on.
  • Types of rays:
    • Green - the creation of the element.
    • Orange - A commentary, plus repost.

The bees are honeycombs (well or molecule).

Video generated in Gource (included).
The data for visualization builded in LoggenCSG.

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Posted Feb 1, 2012
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