Usage of Social Media, Gender Wise

Usage of Social Media, Gender Wise

Social media has been the new and the most happening aspect of internet usage of present day.
From kids to grandparents, everyone is finding this as something of plenty of entertainment value in all
broadband deals. The British people too, have started indulging in social networking, in a never before
seen way. Latest surveys have showed few aspects of the phenomenon.

As per the survey, around forty-five percent of the entire British population regularly engages in the
social networking. Out of the population, the gender division shows few notable aspects. Among the
entire population, the females are the enthusiastic users of the social media and stands at a significantly
higher percentage of fifty-four in comparison to thirty-two percentage of men. When asked about the
most vital factor they would miss if the internet no longer existed, the eighteen percent of women pointed
out to social media. In comparison, only seven percentages of women pointed out that they would miss
social media.

Though, in a rather eye-browsing phenomenon, the women users have proved out to be genuinely
entertainment seekers. For an instance, the men social media users mainly utilize the platform for sharing
photographs and video applications. The percentage of men prone to use the platform for sharing vital
files and applications stands at a decent twelve percentage. Whereas, the women file sharers stand at a
significantly lower amount of six percentage. Utilization of social media for learning purpose remains
significantly higher at around twenty-eight percentage. The women, possibly due to their online shopping
spree, stand at a nominal twenty percentage. In the case of online shopping, however, the women stand at
a higher rate of nineteen percentages as the men too, do not lag behind by standing at fifteen percentages.

The egalitarian factor might be that of online gaming where both the male and female stand at a
percentage of eight and nine, respectively.

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Posted Jun 25, 2012
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