US Election Tweequency

US Election Tweequency

In a period of 16 days from October 23 after the final debate, to November 7, the official end of the election poll, we have put together a tweeting dialogue that closely follows the 2012 US election event. From the US Election Social Media datasets, we have selected the three highest recurring words that have appeared in both Obama and Romney that relate directly to the election and have tapped out a 'mobile' frequency of tweets (or ‘tweequencies’) that tell a story of their own throughout the election.

Could outside media have possibly influenced where and how often people cast their tweets?

★ 1 phone = 6 hour block
★ The phone screen is divided into 3 blocks that represent the three highest tweeted words that were formally related to the election: Vote, America, President (respectively)
★ These blocks are then divided respectively with % Obama (Blue) compared with % Romney (Red)
★ The right hand side election timeline makes a comparison with tweeted results

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Posted Nov 11, 2012
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Tags Social Media, Twitter, US Elections 2012, Visualizing Marathon 2012
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