Urban vs Rural Water and Sanitation over time

Urban vs Rural Water and Sanitation over time

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The theme of this year World Water day is Urban Water and Sanitation

My visualization relates urban and rural growth of a country to its respective water access point types and sanitation types over time. The visualization is highly interactive since I believe this is the way to find hidden patterns and connections that may otherwise be lost.

The Urban/Rural growth of a country over time is compared by relating the urban/rural population of one year to this population in another year.

The visualization has 2 interactive sliders: the main year (also displayed largely in the center) and the year used as a reference (also displayed on the axes).

The large Rosling-type of scatterplot on the left shows urban/rural growth on a logarithmic X and Y scale.

The main-year slider also controls the colors of the world map by setting the color strength to the percentage of urban population in the main year. The reference-year slider determines the scale of the plot. Both sliders have a Play-button for slider animation.

By hovering over a country (both in the world map, as in the scatterplot) the water access types and sanitation types are revealed in the plots on the bottom-right. The lines in these plots represent urban and rural data between 1990 and 2008 where a square marks the year 1990 and a triangle marks the year 2008. The lines show the rural and urban growth over these years and allows comparing the growth per water access points type and sanitation type to the population growth.

Click on a country (either in the world map, as in the scatterplot) to keep it selected. Click on a blank part of the map (or the scatterplot) to clear the selection.

I coupled the data together in Python, and the visualization itself is made in Protovis and does therefore not work with Internet Explorer. The demo is tested and developed for Chrome (however it should readily work in Firefox and Safari)

Data sources:

  • UN Urbanization Prospects.csv, google fusion tables
  • Worldwide Water Supply and Sanitation per 1000 population.csv, google fusion tables
  • countries.js from the Protovis website

Live Demo also here: http://www.puzzual.com/demos/water/

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Posted Mar 16, 2011
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