UN Global Pulse Voices for the Vulnerable - Economic Crisis

UN Global Pulse Voices for the Vulnerable - Economic Crisis

This visualisation presents comprehensive analysis of the UN Global Pulse mobile phone survey data. Questions 3 and 4 were not explored as the work involved to make the data compatible for analysis was too great and the combination of scope provided by Questions 1, 2 and 5 was of most potential value.

This visualisation has been produced with clarity and accessibility of message at its heart - readers should be aesthetically engaged to visually explore the findings and feel better informed as a result. Insights have been provided to enhance the communication.

The design has been constructed to be compatible for viewing in the Visualizing.org player, ideally in full screen mode, and especially for hard copy - the international paper size A3 being the recommended printing format.

You can read more about this project and the design process here: http://www.visualisingdata.com/index.php/2011/07/new-visualisation-desig...

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Thanks for your feedback Frontwise. Fair point about the question labels on the axis - I was 50/50 about this, maybe my own familiarity with what each axis represented biased my decision somewhat!

With regards the percentages, once again I had a version with them in and out and it was a 50/50 call. Had I developed this as a more web-integrated version, this enabling the option for hover-over events, I would have certainly have had a mechanism for revealing the values.

In a more typical design situation I would try to build in feedback-loops like this and develop iterations that resolve such design-detail 'squabbles', but within a contest I kind of view it as a purely individual process.

Appreciate your time taken to make this considered comments!

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Great lay-out which presents many aspects of the data set! Especially the combined perceptions are a good finding, however maybe could be more effective when the survey-questions are printed next to the axes and percentages are shown in the squares.


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Hi Jack L, thanks for your updated comment, appreciate the clarification - all best, Andy

Edward Lee's picture

The player should be working now.

Jack L's picture

Re: This visualisation has been produced with clarity and accessibility of message at its heart
Can't read and compare in one screen (without scrolling left/right)

Edit: Apologies! removed 'Completely failed'.
Reason: This entry looks interesting and my frustration with Viz player (very slow; my browser crashed twice) made such comment. It is still not working for me.

VizMark's picture

Viz player doesn't appear to be working for me :(

@Jack L - your comment about scrolling may well be valid though I don't know exactly what you're referring to. Regardless, I'd encourage people to refrain from phrases like 'completely failed' - it doesn't seem in keeping with the spirit of the competition.

Posted Jul 24, 2011
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