An Ugly Facebook Data Viz

An Ugly Facebook Data Viz

Its interactive, partitioned and colored itself based on the network algos, works on mobile, and almost cool. I still cant style the interactivity it the way id like, hopefully thats what i can figure out next. Each color is like a different group of friends, they were separated by how many friends they shared in common. The pink dots are mostly friends from my home town and in my grade. The blue dots (nodes) hometown friends that are in my bothers grade. and the green nodes are the friends from the ross school i went to HS with. You can search for your name by crusing around or typing it in the search bar at the top. If you click on the little arrow on the lefthand side, just below the kitty, it will revel all the stats about how close we are, the measurement descriptions can be found if you wiki social network analysis .

made with and big props to gehpi, and the plugin exporter to html5 (name?);

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Thx you for open for me gefxjs. Nice job!

Posted Mar 29, 2012
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Tags data analysis, data and design, data visualization, Facebook, Facebook Infographic, Gephi, html5, opensource,, Social Network
Tools GePhi
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