Turin Infographic

Turin Infographic

Poster designed for "Piemonte Visual Contest" and developed during the course of Density Design at Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Design.

How to read it:

1 part - The size of each circle indicates the sum of museums for each category in the distance range (distance taken from P.za Castello Square, centre of the city). The smallest circle is 1 museum, the biggest is 5 museums.

2 part - On the left axis there are the public transportation stops that could be found in an area of 250 m around the museum (each dot corresponds to one stop in the reality). The closest stop to the museum is represented at the end of the right axis; the size of the circle that has the center in it indicates the level of proximity (the bigger the circle, the closer
the closest stop is). The distance between the intersection of the stop’s circle with the axis and the centre of the museum indicates the real distance between them (considering the length of the right axis equal to 250 m).

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Posted Mar 2, 2014
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Tags density design, museums, piedmont, piemonte, Public Transportation, stop, torino, Turin
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