On November 2009 a group of "vulnerable" countries met at the Republic of the Maldives. Their aim was to unite their voices and coordinate efforts against global warming. In this meeting these nations promised to show moral leadership and become carbon neutral countries. Along with them, "observer" countries attended the meeting. However, on average these "observer" nations produce more than 8 times the amount of carbon dioxide per capita than the "vulnerable" nations. This production of carbon dioxide has been directly related to global warming and to the various climatic phenomena that affect the "vulnerable" nations. In other words, the greenhouse gasses produced by the "observer" countries further exacerbate the precarious position in which the "vulnerable" nations find themselves. Today, these nations are constantly ravaged by natural disasters such as floods, droughts and rising sea levels, all linked to global warming. If these disasters were instead experienced by the "observer" countries, this is how much of their population would be affected:

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Posted Oct 24, 2010
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