Topography of the Scholar's Republic

Topography of the Scholar's Republic

The »topography of the scholar's republic« is a project made up by Prof. Dr. Martin Mulsow, covering the examination of social, semantic and geographic networking of protagonists, ideas and places on the basis of scholar's letters dating back to 1680 - 1730.

While creating the project, we developed a prototype, that shows the quality of displaying information by visualisation from different points of view.

The user can watch three simple groups of protagonists from the view of the social network, the geographic positioning or the temporal synchronisation of the life times.

© 2012 / Jens Weber and Andreas Wolter

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Posted Jul 10, 2012
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Tags data visualisation, research, Jens Weber, Andreas Wolter, mediaarchitecture,, informotion, Martin Mulsow, semantic, geography, history
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