Team X Static - RWJF Hospital Pricing Visualization Challenge

Team X Static - RWJF Hospital Pricing Visualization Challenge

Team X on “RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge”:

Data: Inpatient Charge Data, Official Hospital Compare Data, Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program Data

All of our data has been analyzed using Tableau (an analytical/visualization tool).

The static version of our visualization identifies US States on a map with the highest identified potential savings, based on actual average payment rates, when compared to national averages. It drills down to hospitals and DRG/APC levels to identify deficiencies. After identifying specific hospitals, which have potential for generating substantial savings when compared to national average payments, we analyze regional data to compare the quality, performance score (clinical and patient experience), readmission rates etc. This version of the visualization challenge allows users to look at the big picture and drill down to the hospital level, DRG’s, APC’s, survey results and performance scores. It also compares an identified hospital with its pier hospitals in same referral region. This will be beneficial to CMS, providers/specialists and patients for evaluating the cost of a particular hospital while at the same time considering quality, patient experience and other parameters like readmission rates and survey results.

This approach ensures that our end users get both a quantitative (financial) as well as a qualitative (surveys, readmissions, quality) view of the data, helping them ultimately make better decisions.

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This is for RWJF Hospital Pricing Visualization Challenge, static version.

Posted Aug 25, 2013
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Tools Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Tableau
CMS Hospital Compare Data (DRG/APC)
Hospital Value Purchasing Data
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