Structure of the Occupational Exposome

Structure of the Occupational Exposome

The Occupational Exposome is defined as a network of Occupational Health Problems (OHPs) sharing one or several components of the composite occupational exposures (one to five hazards and an occupation) present in the occupational environment and potentially related to the disease.

The use of this approach allows to investigate characteristics or traits which gather or separate OHPs as many individual factors and complex occupational situations, where exposures of diverse origins and variable intensity over time, are combined in effects on the health.

A) Occupational Exposome of disease class
Each node represents a disease class for which the size is proportional to the number of reported OHPs in the RNV3P database. The inter-connected nodes have at least one occupational exposure in common.

B) Occupational Exposome of tumours.
This Occupational Exposome focuses on the tumors. Each node represents one of the following sub-groups :
- The malignant tumours,
- The tumours of an unpredictable evolution,
- The in-situ tumours,
- The benign tumours.
These disease class are connected if they share at least one occupational exposure (hazards and/or occupation).

C) Occupational Exposome of malignant tumors.
38 disease are distinguished among the malignant tumours, of which 22 isolated nodes do not have any occupational hazard in
common and the remaining 16 inter-connected nodes form a sub-network.

D) The tripartite network.
The relation of occupation, exposures and disease is at the origin of the Occupational Exposome. The circles, squares
and triangles represent respectively malignant tumours, occupational hazards and occupation. The links between squares and triangles indicate hazards associated with the occupation, and the links between squares and circles indicate hazards associated with the disease.

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Posted Nov 21, 2011
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