Stay Safe Out There

Stay Safe Out There

Crime is an ever-present problem, whether it’s at home, or on the has created an infographic entitled “Stay Safe Out There” full of tips and statistics behind crimes and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from burglary, robbery, and vehicle theft.
While home robberies have dropped 52% in the last 17 years, 34 million homes are still falling victim to burglaries. With an average loss of over $2,000 in an 8-12 minute time span, it’s important to take a few precautions to help keep your home safe. Here are just a few of the tips outlined below:

- Keep exterior doors free of rot, cracks and warping.
- Use deadbolts on all exterior doors.
- Avoid keeping a spare key outside.
- Make sure pet doors are as far away from the door lock as possible.
- Ensure lights are installed on the exterior of all sides of the house.
This infographic also details the most vulnerable points of entry, such as the front door and the first floor windows.
While you are out, criminals are watching. There are over 660,000 personal robberies and thefts every year, with 28% involving a firearm. Protect yourself by following a few of these simple tips:

Walk in groups whenever you can.
- Avoid alleys, vacant lots and other secluded areas.
- Walk on the sidewalk, avoiding doorways, bushes and other potential hiding places.
Careful driving may keep you safe from accidents, but crime can still happen while running your errands. A vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds, leaving over 715,000 people victims of car theft. While a car-jacking only accounts for 3% of stolen cars, leaving valuables in the vehicle, along with expensive items like GPS units or cell phones make you a prime target. Keep your car safe by following these tricks:

- Don't leave valuables in plain view.
- Remove GPS devices and smartphones.
- Park in busy, well-lit areas.
- When leaving your car for a valet or repair service, give them only your ignition key.
- Have your keys ready before you reach your car.
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Posted Sep 2, 2013
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