Specious Space (or The Number of Hectares of Forest in Dumas)

Specious Space (or The Number of Hectares of Forest in Dumas)

(for full project, see: http://the-distopians.com/?p=289)

"You could also work out the number of hectares of forest that have had to be felled in order the produce the paper needed to print the works of Alexander Dumas (pere), who, it will be remembered, had a tower built each stone of which had the title of one of his books."

With an observation and imperative, George Perec, in Species of Spaces, thus invites us into the page. His reference to Dumas’s tower aims at inverting authorial monuments and exposing alternate measures of media immortality. But, this rests on partial records. Dumas’ early editions, until his death in 1870, were printed on rag paper and not, as Perec suggests, on hectares and hectares of trees. Chemical wood-pulp, introduced in 1872, would thus be found only in the pages of ‘late’ Dumas editions.

This infographic excavates the components in Dumas' pages, by exploring the paper footprints behind his popular, highly reprinted "Les Trois Mousquetaires."

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Posted Oct 3, 2012
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Tags Alexander Dumas (pere), Book History, Forestry, French Literature, George Perec, materials, paper, Printing Industry, Rag Recycling
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