So, you need knee replacement surgery...

So, you need knee replacement surgery...

Video pitch:

This poster functions as a primer that orients a range of patients β€”not only Medicare patientsβ€” before they start exploring the CMS data. It explains why the new data might be relevant to them, and how to read and understand the various sets of numbers.

Specifically, the illustration guides a reader through the experience of researching information to help choose a hospital for knee replacement surgery, and to find out how much hospital care will cost. The graphic offers both a big-picture view of the complex system, and several detailed paths that a patient could take to navigate through it.

By focusing on values and comparisons that an actual patient can relate to β€” such as hospital location, care quality, and cost β€” this visualization describes key decision-making moments in a friendly choose-your-own-adventure format.

In addition, the graphic visualizes patterns of the new charge and payment data, explaining what the terms mean, and how certain sets of numbers may be more important to some patients rather than others.

This information graphic is an easy-to-follow first step for any patient who plans to dive into online data to help them make more informed healthcare purchasing decisions.

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