Shift: Thirty Years of The New York Times (1981–2012)

Shift: Thirty Years of The New York Times (1981–2012)

This data visualization was completed for the Master of Design Exhibition at the University of Washington's Henry Art Gallery from May 25- June 15, 2012. I explored visualizing social change via major topical trends over the past three decades. Public opinion about topics from Health Care to Terrorism has changed by varying degrees over that time, and is largely documented in news sources. I chose to visualize the quantity and content of articles in the New York Times as a way to compare the American public's waxing and waning interest and reporting in topics over time.

Each dot represents one article, and is color-coded by year. Some dots are slightly larger, which indicates articles published on the front page of The New York Times. The interactive data visualization (shown in the 4 screens above) allows users to select various topics and views.

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wow this is amazing, i've been looking at it for about an hour!

Posted Jan 2, 2014
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