Salt Lake City Neighborhoods

Salt Lake City Neighborhoods

Moving to Salt Lake City last year, I found my new neighborhood referred to as many different neighborhoods—15th & 15th, Wasatch Hollows, Sugarhouse, Yalecrest, and East Bench—hence, a neighborhood boundary map.

I used the broader limits, gleaning information from the city planning councils, historical neighborhood definitions, and real estate boundary specifications. There are a few areas, such as Gilmer Park—which is also within 9th & 9th, East Liberty Park, and Central City—that overlap up multiple areas. Most locales I was already aware of as they’re well-known such as the Avenues (apparently officially the Greater Avenues), Foothill, Downtown, Capitol Hill, Rose Park, and Marmalade, but it was interesting to come across other district definitions and stories in Swede Town, Forest Dale, Poplar Grove, Rio Grande, and Highland Park. There are also neighboring precincts such as Olympus Cove and Millcreek that are spoken of as though they’re part of Salt Lake City proper, while being autonomous townships.

The map displays Salt Lake in red, and the neighboring communities in cyan overlapping the neighborhoods with the population dot map from the 2010 census created by the University of Virginia. Cities are in caps, townships in parentheses, and neighborhoods in title case. Freeways and major streets also displayed with some labels for reference along the sides.

As with so many infographic projects, I’d considered involving other dimensions—income, zip codes, and landmarks, as examples. However, there’s a point where adding is complicating, and data for another time.

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