Printers now fit in your trouser pocket

Printers now fit in your trouser pocket

With the advent and rapid rise in popularity of Cloud Computing technology and advanced mobile applications, mobile phone and gadget developers moved quickly to reinforce their products with services and capabilities that were considered unfeasible not long ago. One spectacular example is the latest set of developments in mobile printing.

As demonstrated in the infographic above, there are many reliable mobile cloud apps that can be downloaded to mobile gadgets and utilized for printing documents. Once subscribed to a Cloud Service, a mobile phone user can establish wireless connections with a whole host of different computer hardware units including an advanced piece of equipment like an all in one printer opening up incredible opportunities. These mobile apps run searches for nearby cloud-enabled printers, and computers that have access to printers. If receptive cloud ready printers are present nearby, the app assembles a list of these printers. Then, mobile users can transmit their documents and print them using one of these printers. Alternatively, these crafty apps could mediate between a mobile user’s gadget and a printer-equipped PC and have all printing needs of its user done. All mobile gadgets users should take a careful look at the infographic above as it is packed with a lot of useful tips and details regarding mobile printing opportunities.

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Posted Jul 30, 2012
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