Population Growth in Africa 1950-2100

Population Growth in Africa 1950-2100

β€œHalf of all the persons born in the world from now until 2050 will be Africans.”
- Robert Rotberg (2011)

This graphic illustrates the dramatic population growth rate of the African continent between 1950-2100 using United Nations Population Prospects data.

It is divided into four vertical and five horizontal panels. The four vertical panels indicate the period of time or data of the estimated population from 1950 to 2100 in 50 year periods. The top 2 horizontal panel indicates Africa's population as a proportion of total world population with the very top one illustrating world population growth at the same time. The third panel illustrates the growth in population per square kilometre. The fourth panel indicates the relative populations of different African countries and the fifth panel shows the population growth rate between 1950 to 2010.

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Posted Apr 21, 2012
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