Play It Safe: Outdoor Play and Child Safety

Play It Safe: Outdoor Play and Child Safety

Take a look at the way your children play today and compare it to the hours you may have spent as a child running, climbing and exploring the great outdoors. Do they get plenty of hours playing outside or do you (and they) wish they were able to spend more time engaging in open-air play? Fears over the safety of our children in the modern world means that many kids are missing out. So what can be done to encourage safe outdoor play? Accident Claims have created this infographic which shines a light on the play behaviour of modern children and provides some useful advice on how to keep kids safe during outdoor playtime.

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Such informative article about tips on how to handle safely while the children are playing. Wonderful! Keep Posting! Nice article!

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it would be fun for the kids to go outside and play they would enjoy most of their time running , climbing jumping and everything that we used to do during our childhood days but as a parents proper guidance and instructions should be followed you must teach them whats is essential and what is not and the most important is safety.. cause accidents are avoidable s.. increase datpiff services