Physician Fee Finder “Training Wheels,” Mashed up with with OpsCost

Physician Fee Finder “Training Wheels,” Mashed up with with OpsCost

Perhaps the admirable has already won the RJWF contest, if OpsCost has entered. If it has not, I propose to cite OpsCost, in a way agreeable to its owner, and then to bring in, alongside, the CMS “Physician Fee Schedule” data. These together, “mashed up,” will offer the public a single tool for prospective, retrospective, and current medical cost-benefit management, all in one place.

Prospective is OpsCost, which offers the prix-fix menu. Here DRGs are the key. Retrospective is what we add, a-la-carte, virtually on the facing page of the menu. Here HCPCS/CPT is the key. OpsCost is about elective treatment. HCPCS/CPT is about a “chargemaster” bill.

Or about how to discuss an elective procedure with a doctor, on the spot. Want an Xray for that blackened fingernail?

We recognize the OpsCost achievement, and mash it up with new HCPVS/CPT “Fee” data.

Our site strives for the uncluttered elegance of the Apple and Tiffany sites, and for scalability, down to smartphone use. But CMS does not offer the “Fee” database. The AMA hems in the “processing” of CPT. There is little room for a graphics artist to swing a cat.

So we must hover over the homely CMS/CPT site to get the work done, at least until the advent of ICD-10 (2014). I submit that.

*Steven Brill, "Bitter Pill," Time Magazine, 03/04/2013: "By law, Medicare's payments approximate a hospital's cost of providing a service, including overhead, equipment and salaries."

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Posted Aug 4, 2013
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