An Olympic Chronicle

An Olympic Chronicle

Get a bird's eye view of the size of each summer olympics games. Then, for each olympics, one can view performance of each participating nation relative to all others in the fray. Finally, for that nation, one can view, in which sport it has won how many medals within the context of how many medals were there for the taking in that sport.
Interesting patterns start emerging once one starts playing with this visualization. Eg. one can see that a huge percentage of USA's 110 medals in the 2008 Games come from Athletics and Swimming while China's 100 medals are sprinkled across a number of sports like Diving, Gymnastics, Badminton, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Shooting etc.
Also visible is the dependance of USA & Soviet Union on swimming and Gymnastics respectively to go one up on each other during their rivalry years.
This visualization has potential to extend further and integrate individual athlete level performance in it.
Hope you enjoy playing with it!

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Super informative, so nice look!!!!!
simply a masterpiece!!!!

Posted Jul 25, 2012
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