Office Friendly Workout Plan

Office Friendly Workout Plan

Sitting down is among the worst positions for your body. Doing some exercise during a long day in the office is essential. This infographic is printer friendly and makes a terrific guide on the best ways to invest 5 mins of your lunch time break obtaining the blood circulation back in your body.

Sitting too long time can easily lead to ache in your legs and trigger a host of various other troubles later on. Studies reflects sitting down continuously for additional compared to 6 hours a day will certainly cut your life-span along with approximately 2 years.

Same studies also reflects that prolonged sitting can improves the opportunities of Diabetic issues and it reduces the enzymes burning down fat and burning fat in your body.

Do yourself a favor and invest a few moments of your break time to assist your blood circulation with this basic overview made by Jennifer from

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Posted Apr 26, 2013
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