NYC Immigration Song

NYC Immigration Song

(Video stream is acting funky -- click links below to see documentation on vimeo):

Here, it is running at the default tempo and scale

and this video demonstrates the interactive features: scaling, navigation and tempo:

Data Representation of NYC immigration data from 1855 - 2000.

The data is represented as follows:
Distance from point of origin to NYC (based on latitude/longitude data):
-Pitch of note (lower = longer distance)
-Stereo pan of note (spread from left to right according to how far East or West of NYC the point of origin falls on the map)
-Length and position of line Number of people:
-Volume of note (louder - more people)
-Number of repetitions of note (1 rep = 1000 people)
-Alpha value (opacity) of line

Data source: U.S. Census data as compiled in the Encyclopedia of New York City 2nd Edition

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Posted May 10, 2011
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