Newspaper Circulation Decline Infographic by Clickinks

Newspaper Circulation Decline Infographic by Clickinks

The Decline of Newspapers– An infographic by the team at Clickinks

The bellowing echoes of the phrase β€œRead all about it” is a term widely recognized by many who are familiar with the newspaper industry worldwide. For years, this industry was in fact the main port of information for millions, supplying a global audience with its daily fix of information and news.

However with the irrefutable progression of time and evolution of technologies, the once dominant newspaper industry appears to have succumbed to the universal phenomenon, the internet. With its worldwide reach, ease of accessibility and popularity amongst an evident tech savvy youth, the newspaper industry has suffered a dramatic decline in circulation and advertising expenditure, posing the resounding question β€œis there a future for newspapers?”

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Posted Feb 26, 2013
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