Most Visited Art Museums Check-ins.

Most Visited Art Museums Check-ins.

A year ago this month, I was fortunate to enjoy a month in Europe which naturally involved a list of art museums, and again with Europe’s summer vacation time upon us, I’m in that frame of mind.

This infographic figures in the most visited art museums in the world, as compiled between a few lists, compared against Foursquare and Facebook check-ins and likes. Obviously, not as much checking in out of country, particularly in Asia, while less visited museums in California rake in the social media buzz in higher proportion. Noting also that while The Louvre and The Met take the prize for most visitors and most check-ins, the MoMA garners the most likes on Facebook.

The color scheme for the graphic notes the higher social media portion in yellower greens contrasted with the weaker check-ins in blues. The bars stacked on the side notes the cost (for museums that charge) in US dollars.

The social media data is as of 1 August 2013 (grateful that some very small portion are my own). Total visitors are the annual totals or estimates for 2012, making an exact percentage between total and social media irrelavant, but a general proportion can be inferred.

It was fun to stay up late, forcing myself to be a bit arbitrary and eclectic with the imagery for each museum—some showing a piece, some showing the a perspective of the builiding—there’s always so many options to show, but altogether, a collection of art. It also gave me another glimpse into a few more museums I have yet to reach and a reminder of many I already have.

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