Most Popular Engagement Rings by State

Most Popular Engagement Rings by State

It’s fascinating to follow bridal jewelry trends, both internationally and locally. At Ritani, we love taking note of which of our engagement rings are the most popular in a given state in the US. This way we can keep on top of regional trends, and it even helps us forecast what will be popular in the near future.

After creating this map, a few details immediately stood out to us. The states in the middle part of the country adore our classic styles. Classic engagement rings include gorgeous details like braided, split-shank, and pavé diamond bands. Utah, Kansas, Iowa, and even outliers like Oregon and Tennessee love our brilliant classic ring styles.

On the other hand, the West Coast, along with some parts of the Midwest and Southeast, prefer our solitaire engagement rings. In these regions, elegant and simple solitaire engagement rings are highly popular. Elegant engagement ring styles like these can be enhanced with a prong, tulip, or cathedral setting to emphasize the center stone. Some examples of states that love our solitaire engagement rings are California, Alaska, Louisiana, the Dakotas, and Minnesota.

The Northeast, Southeast, and parts of the West are following the greater engagement ring trends by preferring halo engagement rings. These vintage engagement ring styles have becoming increasingly trendy. Halo engagement rings are named for the halo of small diamonds encircling the ring’s center stone.

Some notable outliers include New Jersey, Vermont, and West Virginia. Vermonters and West Virginians prefer solitaire engagement rings, despite being surrounded by states that love halo ring styles. Similarly, New Jersey opts for classic engagement rings rather than halos.

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Posted Aug 6, 2014
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