Money Buys Happiness

Money Buys Happiness

After reading an article about Columbia University’s World Happiness Report, I took a little time to put together a simple infographic comparison on wealth versus the happiness index. The metric for wealth being per capita GDP (nominal) according to the CIA Factbook is US Dollars for 2012, and the number for happiness being an average Cantril Ladder Score per country.

Graphing the two metrics, a visible trend is apparent. It’s not terribly surprising that the richer countries of western Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Australia trending higher with happiness. Also interesting to note are the outliers—where Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore trend higher in wealth than the the median on happiness in contrast to nations like Costa Rica and Uzbekistan ranking high in happiness in contrast to lower per capita income.

I was flattered that the Atlantic Cities wrote and article on this:

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