Meteorites: Earth Impact

Meteorites: Earth Impact

*If the map doesnt load, try refreshing. There are 4 charts in the visualization.*

'Meteorites: Earth Impact' is an attempt to visualize meteorites that have impacted earth in the past. The Meteoritical Society has a massive database of all the recorded meteorites that have collided with Earth dating as far back as 2500 BCE, providing the most comprehensive public picture of known meteorite collisions. This visualization is my first attempt at interactive visualization and was built for the 'Visualizing Meteorites' contest held by in the month of May 2013.

I looked into how the meteorite data was spread across the globe. I also plotted the yearwise data of meteorites and found that in recent years there were more meteorites found. A scatterplot of number of meteorites per country vs meteorite mass was the final step in my visualization.

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Posted Jun 3, 2013
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Tags geology, Map, meteorites, Science, space
Tools d3, dviz, Excel, jquery, Mapbox, TileMill
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