Meteorite Interactive Visualization (Exploratory)

Meteorite Interactive Visualization (Exploratory)

We initially started with plotting with all the data on the map and showing the timeline,impact & forecast but later we realized that majority will be doing the same. Considering WOW factor which we can bring to table, we changed the flat map to globe and thought of introducing the supporting videos which might help conveying the story right :)

Research :-

As the data provided itself speaks of over 45k of meteors fallen on earth since 1800, we did realise that only 2.32% of this(1143) has made some major impact on the earth in terms of heavy mass they had. So we construct our story around these 1143 meteors and thus drives the pattern which can help in forecasting the future prediction till 2020.

Things you should not avoid :

1. Timeline - Drag the slider to envoke the timespan and see the meteors falling on different location
2. Mass Slider - User can filter the result by adjusting the strength of mass. Doing this, will show only the desired results on globe.
3. Stories & Myths - Some fascinating facts which are available on web and which are going along with the meteors
4. Legend - Seeing the legend will help you understanding the overall project.
5. Locations- List of meteors in various continents in that timespan (e.g.1823 )

Interactions -

a. User drag the timeline slider in the center to timelapse the experience. Meteor Falling Transition (colored spikes) begins and the impact (orange gradient) is shown on globe. Also Earth Globe rotates & populates the relative data/hits on it.
b. Continents getting affected by the hits , shall even get populated in the location panel along with the type of the meteors. User can even filter the results by frequency of impact using another drag slider.
c. User can even see the stories and myths on left top along with the hit.
d. Hovering any story will highlight the meteor , it is associated with.
e. Same behaviour goes with the type of meteor in the location panel.

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Posted May 28, 2013
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Tags challenge, data visualisation, galaxy, meteor, meteorites, Visualizing Meteorites
Tools Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Tableau
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