Medicare Provider Charge Data: Outpatient

Medicare Provider Charge Data: Outpatient

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Outpatient data with state/zip code location data was used to build visualizations. The focus is state stake-holders, and intent is to present a condensed data overview in an easy to understand format. Viz. offer insight about -

1. Does my state offer a different trend in max. outpatient discharges? Figure 1 is a result of data aggregation, and summarization of state, and APC data. 2011 data reveals – 3 states: Montana, Wyoming, and Delaware as outlier states. It stands to offers insight about population, and their medical needs.

2. What does the Medicare provider coverage look like across US? And how good is the coverage in different regions? Figure 2 is the result of aggregated summarization of zip-code, and APC data. It offers insight about – Medicare service availability (blue dots), and non-availability (light gray dots) in different regions. High dot density indicates providers in close proximity to each other, and dot size is a reflection of number of APCs services.

3. Do all states receive equal compensation for their APC services? $ reimbursement gap (Submitted charges – Medicare payment) is computed, and normalizing data with total hospital count at state level. Map view (figure 3) shows data groups based on quartiles of $ gap. Purple states have max. reimbursement gap. Additional insight is that - few states with major cities are not purple states.

4. Which APC is responsible for max. gap in Medicare reimbursement? Figure 4 shows Idaho, Oklahoma, and DC are outlier states with different APC.

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Posted Aug 25, 2013
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