Medicare Payments Received by Hospitals

Medicare Payments Received by Hospitals


For our visualization, we chose to focus on how much Medicare chooses to pay, how this compares to an area’s median household income, and the quality of care patients receive at a given hospital. We clustered the 100 most common DRGs into 18 different medical services. Then we chose the top 11 Medical Services, leaving us with 87 of the 100 DRGs.

The national level map and bar graph transform to display the State averages based on the Medical Service selected. The user can hover over a state for the specific monetary value, or by selecting a state, in the map or the bar graph, access even more granular information. With a State selected, the user is provided with information about individual counties and hospitals. A table below the map includes cost, affordability, and uninsured increase data.

Affordability is a ratio comparing the cost of a procedure at a hospital to the average income for a county using census data. The smaller this fraction, the more affordable a hospital is. Uninsured Increase is how much more one would pay without insurance. So, if a hospital normally charges $500, but Medicare covers it up to $250, the patient would have to pay 2x as much without insurance. The larger this number, the more one benefits from Medicare.

Finally, if a specific hospital is selected, quality of care data is provided to the right. Nine different metrics allow the user to tailor their hospital choice based on their own criteria.

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This is for the Health 2.0 Hospital Price Transparency Challenge

Posted Aug 8, 2013
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