me, doing this.

me, doing this.

me, doing this. is a programme built in Max/MSP that visualizes myself programming this programme to visualize myself programmingโ€ฆ Yip, coding inception.

In realtime (while coding), I collect the mouse data (screen position, mouse down, mouse up), and whether or not Iโ€™m currently working or procrastinating. The white lines are when Iโ€™m working (the patcher in focus), and the red lines are when Iโ€™m procrastinating (patcher not in focus). Each dot represents a mouse down, and the brighter they are, the more clicks that have happened in that area.

The total project took 9h15m10s to code. I spent 62% of the time working on it, and 38% doing other stuff. A total of 666,207 lines of data with a timestamp were recorded and played back at superman speed.

By Andrew Spitz

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Posted Nov 10, 2012
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Tags Quantified self, Self-analysis
Tools Max/MSP
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