Mapping Maternity Care and Birth Outcomes

Mapping Maternity Care and Birth Outcomes

The project is a web page containing a multi-screen, interactive visualization. It explores the costs and outcomes of childbirths in the US, including disparities among states across many attributes. 

The issue:
This focus is described in more detail on the visualization page itself. Essentially it's that childbirth costs are rising, outcomes are not improving, and there are wide disparities between states. 

Visualization URL and instructions:
It is a public web page, so you can just go to that page. The web browser requirements are posted therein, but please let me know if you have trouble accessing any part of it. 

Video tour: 

Team name and affiliations:
Big Yellow Star. Both members are affiliated with University of Pennsylvania 

Member contacts:
Damien Leri - damien@bigyellowstar.comIan Bennett -  

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Posted Mar 5, 2011
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