Kāla: World War 1

Kāla: World War 1

This is an interactive visualization of the major events, countries and people that shaped the history of World War 1.

You may view it here: http://chronozoom.blimp.co.in/
Kedar Vaidya, Raju Bhosale, Harshawardhan Nene

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anditriendl's picture

Great Visualization! Congratulations!

ltweinberg's picture

In my opinion, the national borders are not displayed historically correct. Please compare:

Austria-Hungary, German Empire in 1900: http://www.euratlas.net/history/europe/1900/index.html

blimp's picture

Yes, we're running NER on the text data and some of the AlchemyAPI results had to be manually corrected. The timeline data was accessed via the Chronozoom API.

rodanosteb's picture

It does not download data from the chronozoom web service.

Posted Jan 15, 2014
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