The Iranian Internet

The Iranian Internet


This is my master thesis is about the Iranian Internet. After months of research I designed this Infographic which contains six content panels.

My series of infographics titled "The Iranian Internet" combines an aesthetic sense of infographics with the serious topic of international politics.

I designed six different content panels that each explain a distinct theme, such as Iran's general Internet usage, their concept of a "Halal" or "national" Internet, how Iranian users can escape this "Halal" Internet, which Iranian blogs are filtered, how the cyber repression operates, and how this is initiated by the paradox system of government.

Take a look at all of the panels:

I did my master thesis at the university of applied science in Potsdam/Germany.
It was supervised by Prof. Boris Müller and Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann.

[NOTE: The list of the data sources is much bigger – if anyone is interested in the full list, please drop me a message.]

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Posted May 15, 2012
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Tags cybercrime, data and design, design, Infographic, intranet, Iran
Tools Adobe Illustrator, Hand drawing
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