The IP Hospital Costs Explorer and Medicare Data Portal

The IP Hospital Costs Explorer and Medicare Data Portal

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The IP Hospital Costs Explorer combines two datasets: Medicare Provider Charge Data (Inpatient) and Hospital Compare Patient Survey Results Data (from The IP Hospital Costs Explorer enables patients, caregivers, their families, and clinicians to compare amounts charged by individual hospitals within local markets and nationwide for services that might be furnished in connection with a particular inpatient stay. Data for a select few indicators and the states of California, Mississippi, Ohio, and Kentucky are shown in this version.
Users immediately see whether a hospital has high, medium, or low inpatient costs, designated by red (high), yellow (medium), or green (low) circles displayed on a map. When users click on a specific site, flyout menus appear that give more detail about the cost of specific covered charges. Users can thereby easily compare costs among hospitals.
Users can also compare hospitals based on patient survey results. This is particularly helpful when DRG-related costs are similar between two hospitals. Patients can use the patient survey results data to make decisions that give them the most comfort and confidence.
In addition to the IP Hospital Costs, the site also includes the Medicare Data Portal, which presents data from the CMS Geographic Variation database and the Chronic Conditions Warehouse at the Hospital Referral Region (HRR) level. Here, users can visualize the data through maps, graphs, and trend charts, while also having the ability to examine the relationship between two indicators using a comparison tool.

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Posted Aug 27, 2013
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