Infographic abour steve ballmer

Infographic abour steve ballmer

Steve Anthony Ballmer, an American businessman who currently holds the post of CEO at World’s largest software development company, Microsoft. Yesterday, Ballmer made a sensational statement regarding his retirement plan and announced that he is getting ready to ride off from his post of Microsoft’s CEO in next 12 months.

Steve Ballmer has joined the company in 1980 as a business manager and on displaying his immense and greatest talent, within a short period Ballmer was promoted as the Executive Vice President for sales and support for Microsoft. In the year 2000, when Bill Gates, the Microsoft’s largest stakeholder opted to move out from his CEO position, Steve Ballmer, the most senior employee of the company was appointed as the next CEO of entire Microsoft Corporation.

During his 13 years tenure as a CEO of Microsoft Corporation, Ballmer failed to uplift the company by crafting innovative ideas to suppress the popularity of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, while the smartphone market tends to rise at a great pace.

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