Hospital Pricing System Visualization

Hospital Pricing System Visualization

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Our design for the visualization challenge was created as a dynamic, web based, system demonstration.

Our approach for this project is to create a responsive web based system, which can easily be integrated into a hybrid mobile application. Our primary focus will be on user experience by making the system as intuitive, accessible and as easy to use as possible. A demonstration can be viewed at:

The data used in this project includes: Provided Medicare Data, Geographic Data (Zip Codes, County, City, State, FIPS Code, Latitude, and Longitude for the United States), Hospital Wage Index, Cost of Living Index, and Procedure Categories and Keywords. We used this data to create fluid, visual, touch points that will guide a user into an understandable transparency of the topic. A primary example of this would be our interactive map that displays average charges of each county by a color code (green being the lowest percentage, and red being the highest).

The system will be responsive, and allow users to view it from any personal computer or mobile device. The system will determine the user’s screen resolution, and display the system accordingly. There will be no requirement for additional mobile pages.

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Posted Aug 26, 2013
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