Hebbian Tracking

Hebbian Tracking

This image is a screenshot from a real-time visualization of web traffic on a popular Dutch news website (nu.nl). This D3 visualization draws its inspiration from Hebbian Learning, which states that neurons that fire together, wire together. In our case, pages that fire together, wire together. Each node in the graph is a page (news article) within the news website and connections between two pages means that someone navigated from one page to the other. The more often a page is visited, the larger the node becomes. The color of each node represents the news category of the page (e.g., business, sports, entertainment). When the D3 visualization first starts, the canvas is entirely black. As people browse the news site, nodes and connections appear in real-time and the graph grows.

(This project was part of a hackathon organized at Visual Revenue, NYC.)

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Posted Oct 17, 2013
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Tags #stratanyc2013
Tools d3, Redis, SocketStream, Storm
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