Health-ucator: Health Insurance & Your Life Stage

Health-ucator: Health Insurance & Your Life Stage

For this project, we wanted to create a highly engaging and interactive environment for Compare the Market Australia, where people could learn about health insurance as it relates to their particular stage in life.

During planning phase, 1,000 Australians were survey across the demographic spectrum; the results of which were segmented into 5 life stages to better represent those who visited the site. Within each stage, people can interact with various categories within each stage; subsequently taking them to new areas of the project to once again learn about additional information as it relates to them specifically.

Making a horizontally-scrolling site of this width work was one of the biggest build challenges, as well as getting everything to not only be fail-safe in IE8 (as this represented a notable portion of traffic to the client's site), but also to provide a comparable IE8 experience.

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Posted Jun 2, 2014
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Tags #HealthInsurance, #HealthyLiving, #PrivateHealthCover, #WebDesign
Tools Abode Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Coda
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