Health Stories

Health Stories

Prices, quality, and utilization are important metrics in the healthcare industry. The pursuit of better care at lower costs not only requires an understanding of each metric but also an understanding of the factors that impact the metrics. To this end, the three maps in this visualization begin the discovery process by evaluating prices, quality, and utilization through the lens of income.

In the first map, hospital admissions (utilization) and household income data appear together to raise the question of whether household income can explain part of the variations in hospital utilization. In the second map, the discovery process moves beyond utilization to an evaluation of quality and income. In the third map, the discovery process encloses price and income to explore the question of whether household income can explain part of the variations in price

Across the three maps, there are opportunities to find states and areas where people are receiving the best care at lower costs. One pattern of best care at lower cost is a state with a small symbol for utilization and price but a large symbol for quality. Another pattern is a state with a medium size symbol for utilization, a large symbol for quality, and a small symbol for price. If one or more of the aforementioned patterns is within a light blue state (low percentage of high income earners) then it might represent the starting place of a search for best practices.

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Posted Aug 24, 2013
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Tags Healthcare costs, quality, and utilization
Tools ESRI ArcGIS Online, Visual Studio 2010
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