GSAPP - 6 Months After Graduation

GSAPP - 6 Months After Graduation

“GSAPP 2012 - 6 Months After Graduation” is an attempt to capture the state of our class in our first year of post-gradschool life. Did we finally find a job? Did we move to another city? Another country? How many hours a week are we working? How much are we making? What software are we finally using? These are some of the questions this survey tries to answer, and in doing so, it may also serve as a snapshot of the architectural profession itself, how it treats its newest members and how it is doing in this fragile economy.

The survey was made up of 17 questions and was voluntarily responded by 63 graduates from the Masters of Architecture program at the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation at Columbia University.

A collaboration between Juan Francisco Saldarriaga and Steven Sanchez.

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Posted Mar 6, 2013
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Tags Economy, architecture, Columbia University, Education, New York City
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