Graph relationship between users on Google+.

Graph relationship between users on Google+.

Graph generate on profile Артём Π—ΡƒΠ±ΠΊΠΎΠ² (
The relations based on activity user: post, re-post, comment, share, plus.
The graph shows the actual relations that are the result of communication between users, not just adding in circles.
Size a node depended of number of edges, forming a directed relations.

Data buidl from application LoggenCSG ( Use parammeters:
1. Profile ID = 101113754039426612780.
2. Number of last post = 100 | 100 | 100 | 100.
3. Deep = checked.
4. Gephi = checked (another unchecked).
5. Rules = {actorname} for all fields.

Data visualizated in Gephi ( Algorithm ForceAtlas 2 with params:
1. Prevent Overlap = checked.
2. Scaling = 30.

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Posted Jan 31, 2012
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Tags Gephi, google plus, user activity
Tools GePhi, Google Plus API, loggencsg
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