Gowalla - SXSWi Infographic

Gowalla - SXSWi Infographic

In 2011, Austin’s SXSW conference and festival set a record for its largest number of attendees.

To celebrate the boost to local businesses, the Austin-based geosocial platform Gowalla tapped JESS3 to visualize the impressive number of Gowalla check-ins at SXSW events, live music performances, restaurants and bars.

This fun infographic also displays the huge number of check-ins at the pop-up Apple store that set shop downtown to sell the newly released iPad2 to SXSW attendees, as well as a U.S. map of festival attendees's hometowns, using data from check-ins at Austin’s airport.

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Posted Jul 17, 2012
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Tags Gowalla, JESS3, local, SXSWi
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