Global Connectivity

Global Connectivity

You start with a world map showing which countries are connected to which other countries. A small tutorial shows what this map can do.
The color shows how many flight routes there are between the two countries.

Upon clicking on the "Graph" button, the image transforms into a graph, showing the currently active country (or Belgium if no country was selected) and all the countries it's connected to. When you click any of the countries, they are expanded, and all countries they are connected to are shown. Hovering over a country shows all connections between the central country and the country being hovered.

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georgeh's picture

Very interesting to see country connections this way. With countries I know I found the main connections to be quite obvious, but there still were a few surprises. Thanks for this one!

Posted Nov 11, 2012
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Tags World, connected, connectivity, country, flight, graph, Map, route, step
Tools CSS3, d3.js, HTML5, Javascript
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