GDP versus access to clean water

GDP versus access to clean water

Entry For Visualizing Data Marathon
6th November, 2011

GDP versus access to clean water

In this animated visualization, we mapped the GDP data to that of clean water available to people in 8 countries.

The size of the circles represent the GDP and the amount the drop is filled in represents the amount of clean water available that year. Sound plays a crucial design element in this piece and we recommend that you listen to it on the best available headphones or external speakers. Design intricacies resonate to the country’s wealth and success to consistently provide citizens with basic needs.

Not surprisingly, war and political stability adversely affect availability of water. We also noticed a trend in emerging economies where a significant increase in GDP did not proportionally increase available clean water to the country’s population. This is a sign of development that is not sustainable.

Ali Sajjadi, Dollee Bhatia, Phan Visutyothapibal

NYU, Interactive Telecommunication Program.

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Posted Nov 6, 2011
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Tools FCP, Logic, Processing
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