Flying the Coop: The Economic Costs and Returns on Education

Flying the Coop: The Economic Costs and Returns on Education

[for SECRET folding instructions follow your heart..and this link: ]

A visualization of the financial return on education for 28 OECD defined countries between male/female and secondary/tertiary education, using data directly from tables 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4 of the 2012 release of the Education at a Glance report.

Visualization method aimed to combine all the data in a way that promotes visual differentiation that might uncover any trends or patterns while still allowing relative quantitative comparisons to be made.

Each "flying-fish" represents a cluster of public and private investment and outcome into one sector of education. From left to right, costs, benefits, and then net totals are represented with "private" values represented as the top half and "public" values represented in the reflected lower half.

The bow-tie shape was chosen to inherently convey the feeling of what is put into education, and then what comes out. Combined with the selected colour coding, the flow of any "exchange" between the private and public sector can also be examined.

The overall goal would be to use this representations to discover possible patterns or areas of interest to further delve into the data, and ideally help uncover any trends that contribute to the successful and overall beneficial, investment in education.

(the method also has the ability to transfer onto other tables in the OECD report to explore for any related trends, but given that there was not enough time to even fully label or refine this layout, that will just have to wait until next time)

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Thanks for checking this out! If you like printing this project (11x17 recommended)...and SECRET folding instructions for analog interactivity!! follow your heart, and this link:


Posted Nov 9, 2012
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