Five reasons your SME should be in the cloud

Five reasons your SME should be in the cloud

The principal aim of small and medium enterprises is to stay alive against the opposition, all while increasing their revenues. It’s a recognized fact that companies risk getting left behind and losing to the competition unless they keep up with the times. By having a capable IT infrastructure, SME’s allow for faster and safer data processing and storage through cloud services, which offers increased efficiency and scalability. The advantages of the cloud are demonstrable; more and more SMEs are using the services and benefitting. Below are just five reasons why your SME should be in the cloud.
1. Access to your data
With files stored remotely, cloud storage can give you access to all your data from any device, anywhere (with WiFi!), and at any time of the day. This flexibility allows employees to work remotely, away from the confines of their desk, and lets them to access data and software from anywhere with an internet connection, thus boosting efficiency and productivity.

2. Team collaboration
The cloud makes data more accessible to your entire team; reducing the need to constantly email updates and allowing your team to collaborate more efficiently through multiple users’ able access the same data and comment, discuss and collaborate effectively as a team.

3. Security
The question of cloud security is often asked, however the cloud is as secure as ever. Most cloud providers implement tight security, such as here at Clinked, we use a 256bit SSL encryption. The cloud ecosystem is built on a network of huge names such as Google and Amazon, comprising strong physical security at their centres as well as high bit encryptions on their systems. The days of keeping your documents, files and data on your company’s internal hard drive are gradually coming to a close; as “70% of businesses that suffer a significant loss of data go out of business in 12 months” (UKDTI. SME’s data breaches can happen as well as theft or natural disasters- not only is the cloud security stronger but it is more cost effective too.

4. Ease of Implementation
No integration is needed with most providers, as access is often instant with no set up costs and the cloud works with a variety of software and systems. All the information is stored online, so there is no machine or software maintenance required, or a backup necessary. The provider manages the cloud computing services and is responsible for fixing the issues

5. Cost
Cloud storage can be appealing to small and medium enterprises as it offers a way of lowering overheads on data storage costs and server space. The IT and support costs saved, and the increases in efficiencies can result in savings of up to 75%. Cloud computing is based on pay as you go models; you are paying for what you want, when you need it, rather than expensive one-time payments for software licenses and machinery.
Across device accessibility, team collaboration, security, ease and lower cost confirm that cloud storage is an irresistible offer for many businesses. Over time there is little doubt that the cloud will become a standard way of working- a utility on which we will all depend.

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Posted Sep 4, 2013
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