Fireball from Outer Space

Fireball from Outer Space

The interactive visualization focuses on the 606 eye-witnessed meteorites landing on Earth over the past 100 years.

The easy-to-use interface and fancy three-dimensional orthographic projection enables the engagement and exploration of the information about meteoroids. It is possible to cross-filter by time or time range and/or country. You can get more information on connect directly to the huge database by clicking on the meteoroid.

The biggest five impacts for the current filter settings are listed on the right.

Earth Visualization
Every white dot is a meteoroid, the dotted line shows the likely path to the earth and the black dot is the crater of the connected meteoroid.

Time Slider
The years between 1913 and 2013 are listed on the xAxis.
The total mass of all fallen meteoroids are shown on the yAxis.

Country Selector
Select a specific country to filter, click on "Woldwide" to reset the filter.

Biggest 5 Meteoroids
The biggest meteoroids for the chosen filter, sorted by mass.

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georgeh's picture

Nice work ahooin. Looking at specific countries it seems that sightings cluster around certain years. I wonder what causes that?

Posted Jun 3, 2013
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