Eloqua- Message is the Messenger

Eloqua- Message is the Messenger

Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan concisely captured the power of influence when he coined the phrase: "The message is the medium." But what about today, when media institutions often fail?

This infographic from JESS3 and Eloqua examines how influence has shifted to the individual — how, in today’s world, the message has become messenger. The businesswoman doubles as an advocate. The analyst is an entrepreneur. The blogger runs a non-profit.

Taking a modern twist on a Venn diagram, this infographic explores the overlapping and multi-dimensional roles today’s messengers are playing in this era of “personal media.” It’s a collection of the people who inspire and inform those who created it. These are the voices that influence us.

Chief Content Officer Magazine listed Message is Messenger as #5 on Top 15 Most Innovative content marketing projects in 2011.

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Posted Jun 12, 2012
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